Tilt & Turn Windows

Easy-care materials, variable design and outstanding thermal insulation.

Although windows comprise only 8% of the entire building envelope, they cause almost 40% of the building’s heat loss.

Whether your constructing a new home, remodeling an existing building or optimizing the energy performance of your house – aluplast has the perfect window system for your project.

In the TILT position, the window opens at the top with hinges at the bottom.

In the TURN position, the window is hinged on the side and opens by swinging inward.

open_kol6 turn_kol7 simple_s-l1000tilt_kol8 Turn_kol1 ways to open

Product Portfolio

IDEAL 2000®
uPVC window with 60mm profile depth


Benefits of the IDEAL-series

  • highly cost-efficient
  • low maintenance & easy cleaning
  • durable material leading to an average service life of 30 years
  • excellent thermal & acoustic insulation as well as burglary resistance
  • enormous energy savings potential
  • 40 internal/external décor color finishes
  • available in various shapes, e.g. round-arched or triangular windows
  • resistant to weathering, exhaust gases and cleansing agents
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