Aluplast Certifications

310-4328 E0A0
Aluplast Sliding 60 Horizontal Sliding Window
310-4329 E0A0
Aluplast 60mm Dual Action Window
310-4331 E0A0
Aluplast 80mm Dual Action Window
310-4332 E0A0
Aluplast 80mm Outswing Side Hinged Door
310-4336 E0A0
Aluplast 80mm Inswing Side Hinged Door
310-4337 E0A0
Aluplast 80mm Multislide Sliding Glass Door
310-4338 E0A0
Aluplast 60mm OX Dual Action Window-2
310-4342 E0A0
Aluplast 85mm Lift and Slide Door
310-4343 E0A0
Aluplast 80mm Tilt and Slide Door
310-4363 E0A0
Aluplast 80mm OX Dual Action Window

IDEAL 2000 Certifications

Test Report 422 38255/1 e*
IDEAL 2000
IDEAL 2000
Recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® in 2013
Test Report 161 29751 / Z18 Rev1*
IDEAL 2000
Test Report 101 29257e
IDEAL 2000
NFRC Testing / AAMA Test Results
IDEAL 2000 / IDEAL 5000

Miscellaneous Certifications

Certified Profile Licensees
AAMA Fenestration Exterior Profile Certification Program
Test Report 99915-B
Weathering Requirements of AAMA 303-08
Test Report 44027
Four (4) PVC lineal profiles for AAMA Certification
Certificate Number FM 10215
Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008